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About Us

We invite you to enjoy something different.

Cocolia offers nine eco-friendly bungalows located in the upper part of Playa de Mermejita, in the Magical Town of Mazunte.


If you are looking for a place outside of the city and you are ready to wake up with the singing birds, enjoy the amazing sunsets and look at the sky full of stars to fall sleep with the distant murmur of the waves, this is your place.




The paths, stairs and access to all buildings are constantly maintained for the safety and security of our guests, It’s important to us that before booking we advise that this hotel is not be suitable for people with disabilities or issues of balance and mobility.

“What a magical place! It’s hard to describe the beauty of this place, because being there is a multi sensory experience. Open-air style bungalows expose you to nature and at the same time provide comfort of a luxury hotel. Adriana’s exceptional hospitality was the cherry on the cake. Every day she was making sure that we had everything we needed. She’s a great cook as well so if you decide to stay make sure to try some of her specialities. Highly recommend for everyone who’s looking for a comfortable, surrounded by nature escape from hustle and bustle of everyday life.” Dominika, October 2018




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Photos: Alex Expeleta, Damián Figueras, Daniel de Raparaz

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