Cleaning Measures Covid19


By staying with us, you won't have to worry about:

  • Social distance as we are located 1km from the village of Mazunte and our bungalows are positioned 20 meters away from each other. Distance in pure state.
  • That the rooms are ventilated. The design of the hotel is thought to coexist with the environment, giving importance to open spaces.
  • To be in open spaces because we are in the middle of nature and in the open air. There are no elevators or closed spaces.

And if we haven't convinced you yet, we want you to know that once you arrive to our paradise we have implemented the following:

  • The temperature of all the employees is taken before their admission every day. Those with symptoms will be sent home.
  • Our staff who have contact with guests or with food or drink wear a mask at all times.
  • We wash our hands every 30 minutes following the protocol required by the Ministry of Health.
  • There are disinfectant gel dispensers placed in various areas of the hotel for guest use.
  • Our staff is required to report any suspicious symptoms in them or people living with them.
  • Staff change their clothes when they arrive at work.
  • Staff maintains a distance of 1 meter from guests at all times, as far as possible.


  • The reception staff wears a mask and gloves.
  • As far as possible, a physical separation is established between the receptionist and the client by means of a methacrylate screen.
  • The room key is not touched before it is given to the guest.
  • We wash our hands every 30 minutes or after having attended to a guest.
  • The Front Desk is disinfected every time a guest is attended to.
  • A distance of 1m is maintained with the guests.
  • The guest is asked if he wants room cleaning service.
  • Guest's luggage is disinfected before being taken to the rooms.
  • Reception staff disinfect any items (pens, cards, etc.) that are passed from hand to hand.
  • The keypad, telephone, monitor are disinfected before and after each shift.


  • SDaily cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces (door handles, surfaces, floor, switches, etc.)
  • Room cleaning personnel wear a mask, gloves and shoe covers whilst cleaning the rooms.
  • Room cleaning staff change gloves from one room to another.
  • Cleaning staff will not enter the room if the guest is in the room.
  • Cleaning staff will not enter the room if guest has not has given consent for the cleaning staff to clean it.


  • A maximum capacity of 50% is maintained.
  • The tables are at least 1.5 metres apart from each other.
  • Our staff wears a mask at all times.
  • We wash our hands every 30 minutes.
  • Tables and chairs are cleaned after each use.
  • The bar and contact surfaces are cleaned every hour.
  • Room service is available within restaurant opening hours.


  • The kitchen staff wears a mask at all times.
  • Kitchen staff wash their hands every time they enter the kitchen.
  • Kitchen staff wash their hands every 15 minutes.
  • We have reinforced strict adherence to food handling procedures.

Common Areas

  • The pool beds are placed 2 meters apart from each other.


  • In addition to these measures, all measures issued by the Ministry of Health and the ICT for the management of the crisis will be followed strictly.
  • This document is a living document and will be updated as new measures arise.