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Where the sky meets the sea



Adults only


Breakfast included

early check in

Early Check in
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A paradise on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca

Nine private bungalows, a saltwater pool, the Cacao Restaurant serving local organic food and a wellness palapa with yoga, meditation and massage, offer guests the time and space to disconnect, rest and live in harmony with nature.

Surrounded by an environment of cactus, native trees, vines and medicinal plants, our team of architects was inspired to contrast "symmetry" with this "anarchy" of the wild jungle.

Local stone, tropical wood and cement are the materials that have been used to build all the structures. Clean lines and angles provide soft geometric shapes in pale earth tones to reflect the changing patterns of light and shadow cast by trees, plants and vines.

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Cocolia Hotel Mazunte offers guests a completely unique restorative experience

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Our bungalows

Each of the nine Bungalows has a unique location, carefully chosen for its privacy , the flow of sea breezes and a special view of the hills with the Ocean beyond.

All open up to the magnificent landscapes, with sliding doors of tropical wood, Mahogany, Huanacaxtle, polished and oiled to enhance their rich color and magnificent grain.




Cacao Restaurant serves a simple menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, based on locally produced organic fruits and vegetables, as well as the fresh catch of the day.

For lunch and dinner, our chef perfectly combines traditional Mexican recipes with restorative healing ingredients to tempt every pallet.

Vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options are always available. In addition to our fixed menu, we offer 3 daily market specials!

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Our services

Bungalows Pool Restaurant

Cocktails Vegan Friendly Surrounding

The Pool

Located on the highest part of the landscape, with a panoramic view of Punta Cometa, the surrounding hills and Playa Mermejita, our saltwater pool has spectacular views.

The long rectangular pool is the perfect place to relax, swim, read or enjoy a mid-afternoon nap.

The surrounding terraces, placed on several levels, create both public and private spaces, shaded by the filtered light of otate and parasols. Full bar and restaurant service are available by the pool. The sunsets by the pool... A wonder!

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Our commitment


By applying techniques of vernacular architecture with new technologies, Cocolia Hotel Mazunte has been created to blend harmoniously with this beautiful primitive environment. The original topography has been preserved without the use of heavy machinery, and the existing flora and fauna covering the hills has been respected. Rainwater is controlled to prevent erosion and recycled for irrigation in the dry season..

The gray water is purified to water the fruit trees, papayas, bananas, lemons, oranges and herb garden which are served at the restaurant. Solar energy is used for all energy requirements.

control del agua

Water monitoring

productos orgánicos

Organic and KM0 products

espacio natural

Natural space

energía solar

Solar energy

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Our surroundings

Cocolia Hotel Mazunte is located in the southernmost land mass of Mexico, it is a long finger of land with spectacular stone formations worn by wind, rain and sea. Called The Window to the Sky, several times a year, the sun sets on one side while the full moon rises on the other. A walk to the tip of this beautiful site is an unforgettable experience.

Ventanilla's unique rock formations attract shamans, ceremonial dancers and many national and international visitors each year for a traditional celebration of the winter solstice. On the longest night of the year, the full moon arches over the dark sky to welcome the sun that rises in the exact center of a circular opening in one of the giant rocks, surrounded by water.


A unique adventure

We invite you to enjoy something different.
All aspects of Cocolia Hotel provide our guests with comfort, privacy and the feeling that the healing power of the natural world is within their reach. If you are looking for a place outside of the city and you are ready to wake up with the singing birds, enjoy the amazing sunsets and look at the sky full of stars to fall sleep with the distant murmur of the waves, this is your place.

a 1h del pueblo

20 minutes from the village on foot

fauna animal

Wild fauna

entorno salvaje

Wild environment

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san agustinillo
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Playa Mermejita

15.668053, -96.563220


3.6 m/s


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